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Geophysical Exploration

Echo Seismic Ltd is a full service geophysical exploration company with global capabilities. Comprised of a diversified management team with unmatched worldwide experience, Echo has the knowledge and ability to handle any challenges involved with seismic exploration, including both land and marine hazard services.

Technical Team

A technical field team that is second to none will ensure the safe, timely, and efficient completion of any seismic program. With expertise of operating in extreme environments and severe terrain, our team is equipped and ready to tackle any assignment. 

From project inception to final completion, Echo Seismic Ltd is the right choice for all of your geophysical exploration needs.



Echo Seismic is a North American based company specializing in complete seismic exploration and acquisition services. We supply geophysical and geological solutions including:

Project Management

Project Management

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Land & Transition Zone Acquisition

Land & Transition Zone Acquisition

Marine Hazard Services

Marine Hazard Services

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Geotechnical, Mining, Water Resources

Geotechnical, Mining, Water Resources

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Passive Seismic Monitoring

Passive Seismic Monitoring



At Echo, we offer a variety of top quality equipment from high-tech wireless to conventional cable recording systems. Dynamite and vibroseis are our areas of expertise for acquiring seismic data. We possess an extensive inventory of various models of vibrators.

Echo is at the forefront of seismic acquisition technology and keeps all equipment in peak condition. We ensure all safety checks and maintenance are up to date to continuously exceed the Geophysical Industry’s highest standards.



All management, employees and contractors of Echo and its subsidiaries are committed to the protection of personnel, property, the environment and the public throughout the communities in which the Company conducts business. This commitment requires the provision of best possible services to be made available to employees, clients and stakeholders, and allows the Company to compete and grow in a competitive marketplace.

Our Commitment

The Echo management team is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment that complies with all applicable laws, legislation and industry recognized best practices. The Company's management team is further committed to providing continual support, capital investment, human and financial resources and the allocation of time to promote a safe workplace, free of foreseeable hazards which could pose a risk to people, property or the environment.

Environmental Protection

All employees and contractors of Echo and its subsidiaries recognize that concern for the environment and quality of life is an integral part of the way in which the Company conducts business. The Company recognizes that environmental protection is a responsibility held collectively by government, industry, communities and individuals and that economic growth, social responsibility and responsible environmental management.


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We are proud of the wealth of knowledge and experience our dedicated and professional employees have and share. In these times of rapid change we are looking to continue our growth and develop new opportunities. We hope you will join us on the journey. 

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If you think you have the qualities and physical capabilities it takes to help us achieve this, our door is always open. Please view our available roles and fill out an application.

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In all our roles we are looking for people who are self-motivated, enthusiastic, disciplined and flexible, who enjoy a challenge, have an eye for detail and are willing to go the extra mile. In return for your dedication, you will be offered excellent career progression and be part of a winning team. At Echo you will not be another cog in the machine; we are small and friendly enough to know your name!

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